cd release :: pandatone

i miss watching wwf, sitting indian style at a friend's house. cartoon character title names, but more importantly, the concept of tag team wrestling: the bushwackers, the nasty boys, rock and roll express. two giants working together to smash metal chairs over their opponents. the combos, the high fives, the back and forth. pandatone has collaborated with loring for his current ep. i'd kinda like to think it's a colosseum celebration of tag team sounds. pandatone's mad production and loring's vocal improbs cut and diced into chewable pieces. trevor's warm electronics push the vocal talent of loring into a great presentation format for the both.

what's even better? you've been invited to this reception and there's free wine. trevor has decided to release his ep online for free. check out pandatone's website and music related records to get the "and here i thought it was pointless" EP.

:: listen to i forgot if we dreamed



cd release party :: andrew phillip tipton

i met andrew via myspace hook ups about a year ago. back and forth emails led to meeting him at his mainstay, the lorimer and bedford stations of the L train. during the time i was totally addicted to his songs: witty lyrical songwriting, the twang and twee, lofi folk antics. we've been pals since, and he even did a cameo in the new dollboy video. he calls himself the lovechild of bowie and dylan. he's been thrown into the antifolk club without permission, but i think he'd tell ya he's the sole headliner in the anti-anti folk festival, unless you're from german press. :)

andrew writes songs at an alarming rate, releases many cdr's of albums a year. i definitely envy his music creed: to eat, shit, sleep music. he's an inspiration and an entertainment and he's playing this saturday, may 6th at pete's candy store. you'd be ridiculous not to go:

:: listen to tell me what it's like
:: listen to turn the lights on

may, 6 2006
at petes candy store
709 lorimer st. brooklyn, ny 11211
cost: free!
8:00 - Cheese On Bread
9:00 - Dream Bitches
10:00 - Ching Chong Song
11:00 - Andrew Phillip Tipton