cd release party :: andrew phillip tipton

i met andrew via myspace hook ups about a year ago. back and forth emails led to meeting him at his mainstay, the lorimer and bedford stations of the L train. during the time i was totally addicted to his songs: witty lyrical songwriting, the twang and twee, lofi folk antics. we've been pals since, and he even did a cameo in the new dollboy video. he calls himself the lovechild of bowie and dylan. he's been thrown into the antifolk club without permission, but i think he'd tell ya he's the sole headliner in the anti-anti folk festival, unless you're from german press. :)

andrew writes songs at an alarming rate, releases many cdr's of albums a year. i definitely envy his music creed: to eat, shit, sleep music. he's an inspiration and an entertainment and he's playing this saturday, may 6th at pete's candy store. you'd be ridiculous not to go:

:: listen to tell me what it's like
:: listen to turn the lights on

may, 6 2006
at petes candy store
709 lorimer st. brooklyn, ny 11211
cost: free!
8:00 - Cheese On Bread
9:00 - Dream Bitches
10:00 - Ching Chong Song
11:00 - Andrew Phillip Tipton


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