bent festival :: day four

today's bent festival was the best one yet. tons of people came out for the workshops and to explore. most of the audio exhibits were up and running. i attended a workshop hosted by table beast. in this workshop we modded the casio sk-1 and added a patchbay system. table beast was so helpful and friendly and his ardous knowledge of the casio keyboard line is astounding. his whole career is dedicated to modding casio's and has done many mods for professional musicians [name drop time: he did one for trent reznor]. the workshop was pretty intense, took about 3-4 hours.

:: watch video clip of mod ::

other highlights of the day included a lecture and book signing by
nicolas collins. his new book is called 'handmade electronic music.' wine and hors d'oeuvres provided by the publisher. hell yes! chia was also in this awesome workshop that ran in parallel to the casio sk-1 workshop. i sooo wanted to do that one. noah t. vawter taught how to build a one-bit groove box and fit it inside a cute vcr rental box.



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