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this week i saw two shows to support the release of o sirhan. o sirhan, a brooklyn based music zine. it's printed in 8.5"w x 11"h, some color prints, bound editon of 1000, and featured interviews, art, and photo diaries of artists such as animal collective, hanry flynt, devendra banhart, 7 year rabbit cycle, mary halvorson, deerhoof, david waldorf, and edie song. copies are available at earwax, kim's video, downtown music gallery, anitmart, clovis books, and othermusic.

::watch clip of true primes ::

true primes took stage at cakeshop on thursday wit
h a strong presence, rolyn on drums this time and with an extra guitarist. the next day, che and rolyn took stage again at good bye blue monday in bushwick. opening that night was a che side project, the willing; really beautiful electronic fx noisescape. twi and humble feather set up next for their first live performance. anthony, hektor, and i were all really happy with the performance, finally after months of rehearsal. true primes took stage again, always impressing me with che's dirty electric beats and samples. after true primes, gregory stovetopp rocked out to originals and covers with a psychobilly twang, covering the whole room with his powerful yelling voice. next, fx violinist, core ogg the coalman took stage. it's the most pedals i've seen on stage for one person ever. unfortunately i had to bust out before seeing the closing acts by members of people and hi red center, under the banner name of quartet.

:: clips from the show ::
:: listen to twi and humble feather
:: listen to core ogg the coalman


At 5:46 PM, Blogger Joe said...


avey tare is playing a solo show at the stone the day after tomorrow. if this is in your "neck" of the "woods" could you maybe boot it? would be very really nice. thanks!


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