performance :: glasshouse gallery

on thursday i went to glasshouse gallery in williamsburg to see the prism concert series. prism is when a bunch of bands set up and play short sets and rotate. each set is maybe five to fifteen minutes long. loring played another great set of her vocal loops. glasshouse is getting crazier and crazier with their decor. haunted art house nickelodeon explosion. liek also played, toting his token blue suitcase of fx. he should name it. unfortunately i missed his first set with nick assisting him. other bands performing that night included kabloona, oriental skulls (watch video), and rolyn hu-doo / doctor hu-voo.

:: listen to loring's first set (5.40 min)
:: listen to liek's second set (16.17 min)
:: listen to loring's second set (6.33 min)



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