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hung out all day with with brian hall at my old work place, commerical electronics in Tulsa, OK, to mod my TB-303. sniffing solder smoke all day. putting the thing back together with the extra chip inside was the biggest bitch of it. i had an awesome time catching up on sparky talk. for a moment i remembered what it's like to be EE. i researched a couple of months before finding the perfect MOD for my TB-303 that shall allow MIDI control. Found an awesome MOD from a guy in Austria. check out the video he has of his working MOD. Simply amazing. i can hardly wait to finally start using my TB-303 for alias pail stuff.

There's a ton of different advertising MOD's out there. be careful, some don't access all controls on the TB-303. The reason why i chose this MOD from Austria was because it allows MIDI control of the notes, but most importantly the ACCENT and SLIDE features on the TB-303. These are the most important controls to me. TB-303.org advertises MidiJack 303 from Synhouse. This MOD isn't available at all, plus it doesn't clearly state whether it controls ACCENT and SLIDE.

the company is virtually extinct, took the guy forever to get back to me. There's also a mod called the Devilfish Mod. But this comes with a whole bunch of other bells and whistles and costs way over $500 bucks, plus you have to send your TB-303 to Australia. I always wonder if bands that use the TB-303 get this mod done. Writing patterns on the TB-303 is so freakin archaic, i don't see how anyone could just spontaneously write stuff for the TB-303. Hearing Buffalo Daughter CD's made me want to use the TB-303. Are SuGar Yoshinaga and Yumiko Ohno EE's too? hmm....


At 10:55 PM, Anonymous trevor said...

yummers. the devilfish mod was mad famous by plastikman / richie hawtin & aphex twin.

i think buffalo dauther actually used an MC 303.. now an MC 909.. though seeing how they have a song BASED on 303 tweakin'.. and apparently still pull out way to long jams on it live. i like to hope they have one.

At 10:08 PM, Anonymous gwang said...

boy, you crazy gEEking out like that

At 1:22 AM, Anonymous Brian said...

hope you're having fun with your midified 303. thanks for the good times over the holidays. love ya kid.


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