alias pail music :: yo sis! redo

way back before susi left for thailand peace corps, i wrote her a song for her birthday. since then, there's always been a lingering thought about the chorus lyrics being pretty weak. i agree. i've redone the vocal track and changed the lyrics, and i'm definitely happier with it. helene, my one and only french connection, sings back up. yo sis! was my attempt to write the best sister song for susi. it's just hard to make something endearing but avoid the cheesy lyrics. i'll probably always be rewriting this one. i love her so much, and this song is a reminder for her, that i'm always there, in her iPod ears : )

the best sister song ever written i think is by antony and the johnsons, sister (video). that was a real tearjerker the first time i saw it!

:: listen to yo sis! (by alias pail)
:: listen to sister (by anthony and the johnsons)


At 1:47 PM, Anonymous shinichi said...

i downloaded yo sis off!
thank you!


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