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on monday night i grabbed some dallas bbq with kyoka, tamin and nobuko. texas sized margaritas all around. woo hoo! i had so much fun meeting these musicians. talking to kyoka about the songwriting process and how these girls get all their noises. tamin and nobuko are whiskey gods. we went to APT, me on tequila mockingbird, them on whiskey. tamin is a photographer by heart, network security engineer by day. split career personality? i can relate, but is network talk still sparky talk? maybe a dialect? hmm we'll have to arm wrestle on it, again. kyoka took a flight to los angeles the next morn to play a show.

i was turned on to kyoka's and nobuko's music by myspacin' and trevor from music related (and of pandatone). kyoka and nobuko do electronic experimental music as solo artists, but also have their own collaboration project called groopies. this year nobuko will have her first usa release of off trevor's label, music related. i highly recommend checking out the website, trevor specializes in releasing mostly underground japanese musicians. the site has an awesome link section, where i usually spend too much time browsing. check out the media by his other artists, such as luminous orange, shugo tokumaru, and macdonald duck eclair.

:: listen to pandatone
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