performance :: sculpture center

on sunday i went with julz to the sculpture center to check out a experimental music/art presentation thingamabob. anya gallaccio's 'one art' was the backdrop for the performance, a disassembled and reconstructed dead weeping cherry tree. it looked like a frankenstein tree chained to the walls, with bolts in its branches and limbs. the no neck blues band along with other dance performers played for about an hour. each member slowly assembled into the set and added their noise/performance/music/dance to the stage until it became full clamor. mix up improv modern dance performance, noise making, music smashing. i couldn't help but feel sad, the tree just looked so sad. for me, the performance took on a nightmarish quality to it, very dark. the nice thing was since the sculpture center is a huge open space with concrete floor you could really enjoy the acoustics and mix match of sounds and noises. pete (mr. organizer of event) said the performance was in reference to a movie, charisma by kurosawa.

:: listen to no neck blues band ::


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