performance :: cheyenne

went to mercury lounge last night to scope out cheyenne, the band that ben is playing keys for now. a nice surprise was the opener, the remains of brian borcherdt. the lead singer has a beautiful voice. i'm definitely gonna check them out again, but i think they change their band name often, he mentioned playing tonite at bowery under the title holy fuck. or maybe i missed out on an inside joke? when cheyenne came on the crowd had already filled in.

cheyenne's songs have an immediate genuine songwriting quality to them. most of the songs are midtempo or slow, all bringing focus to the lead singer's voice and lyrics. tight set. a perfect balance of back up instruments with the keys and steel slide. of course i was glad to see ben play. i love his stage presence and sensuality when he plays, keeping the groove with every song in his movements. this was an all star oklahoma night. full oklahoma band and my friends and I, the okie crew. midwest takeover? for one night, yes.

:: listen to cheyenne
:: listen to brian borcherdt


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