brooklyn hospitality :: drawing party

on sunday, tamin and nobuko hosted a drawing party at their apartment. trev, sawako, kinya, and other fellow brooklyn pals of the hosts whipped out their creative weapons and went to town with paper, markers, drills, hot glue, etc. nobuko made the best homemade curry i've had in awhile, along with some awesome avocado dressing salad. i made karashi zuke, which was pretty well accepted i guess by the surrounding stomachs. later we all trekked to the dollar store to get more props.

kinya started making sculptures out of the dollar store toys, and everyone pretty much caught on. i was stuck to my medium, sketch. trev made this mutated genetically altered tigersaurus toy, by slicing heads and supergluing, and there was this cute egganimal bobbly thing too. the drawing party was the most relaxed sunday afternoon i've spent in a long long time. long moments of silence when arting it up, tea and sake, relaxed conversation and giggles, and uncomparable hospitality. maybe i'm starting to get the brooklyn bug too...


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