performance :: laptop lizards vs. the blizzard

went to tonic with anthony to check out sawako's cd release show. i stepped in a snow puddle! dah! but luckily on blizzard days i always wrap my feet in grocery bags before putting on my shoes. cheap? yes. :) that's my style. a dedicated group of attendees gave full attention and respect to the players. everything was whisper mode. laptop music is all about subtleties of sound creation, and i guess the audience already knew that coming in. chairs were lined up front to make everyone comfortable and the acoustics of tonic really lent to every performer. the set started out with a computer improv piece by paul dickow (aka strategy aka dj p. disco). taylor deupree & kenneth kirschner did a piano computer altered set next.

i really liked the delicate looping and fx taylor did with the piece. it had a nice live sense to it with a soundtracky mystery thriller air to it. sawako ended the night with really cool visuals by chika. i really enjoyed her field recordings and electronics, and putting in those high frequencies at the end of some pieces really was amazing.

with the exception of paul (who runs community library), all the artists are from the record label 12k, an institution that specializes in releasing computer and experimental ambient music. laptop music is new to me, but i definitely say intricate visuals for laptop music grow the performance for their realm like adding a live drummer to any solo show. it has presence.

:: md recording of show (sorry for the banter!) ::
:: listen to strategy's first song
:: listen to strategy's second song
:: listen to taylor and kenneth
:: listen to sawako

:: watch short clips of sawako's visual during her performance ::


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