bent festival :: last day

the last day of the bent festival. oh, sadness you are a mad ticking clock. i couldn't help but feel a little down. i've been lost in a dream of geekdom since tuesday, and now i must return to reality. when i arrived most of the exhibits were already deconstructed. a half life of the hopping scene the day before. i brought anthony and hektor to preach the digital way, but could only harp fantasy into the shell that remained.

the final workshop lecture was hosted by lorin edwin parker, titled, "how to make a robot sing from the heart." the lecture was a facinating historical account of vocal synthesis attempts since b.c. times. later participants were given guidance and kits for the manipulation of the speakjet chip, which permits robotic emulation of the human voice.

::listen to my speakjet

looking back on the festival, chia and i both agree it's the coolest festival in manhattan. the true spirit of passionate people comes out in all forms. in this case, it's the curiousity of new sound creations. i do confirm that all electronic instruments have a soul of their own; there are little ghosts in the shells awaiting attention. circuit bending is the reaching hand. it is new life, and in that sense circuit benders are creators. perhaps, that's the little high we all get. i am definitely changed. this festival has definitely awakened something in me, and i can't wait to get down and dirty and pursue it.



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