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something happened this year. the endless feeds, links, and forkcasts have estranged me from digging intimately into new musicians. while i benefit from hearing so many new songs and bands, i can't help but realize that i'm not at the level of fanboy i usually am. this year, i only have about under five "new" artists i follow closely, the rest of my typical playlist are sentimental artifacts from my back catalog. it's nobody's fault by my own. it's just what happened. lao tsu heeds that "...five tones deafen the ear..", and i think that's what happened to me.

few things feel fresh. few things open my ears completely, but musical intimacy crises can now end, with the new double single release from osaka based, genre fusing master, oorutaichi.

the first release [okimi records] in 3 years since his electronic genre mash up masterpiece LP, "drifting my folklore"; oorutaichi still teases his listener with songs that pull from so many eclectic influences and bold origins.

the song, "futurelina" begins with a bass groove that feels like techno, but then it moves along with synth chord structure and whimsical singing, giving it an electro pop bounciness. the song carries along with more steady groove then anything from "drifting my folklore" but has all the elements that are still very oorutaichi. chaotic breakdowns ala xiu xiu, strange noise pop, and hyper melodic vocal yells (in his own invented language). it's experimental music you can nod to. playful and refreshing.

the second song "moeru himitsu" has guest vocals, from kicell, and takes on a more structured song approach. a folktronica dance groove with synthed gamalan instrumentation and harmonica breaks? the chorus is uplifting with an 80's j-pop/folk nostalgia and probably the easiest part to compare to oorutaichi's avant pop band, urichipangoon, with his wife, ytamo, and another couple.

can either of these singles hint to what the full length album will sound like? that's the funnest part of oorutaichi. i'm not sure. my ear's feel fresh, as i wait the release.

i strongly recommend getting this vinyl, or downloading the singles. in my small handful of new music i'm ingesting this year, oorutaichi is one of my favorite new artists. his music is fresh and awakening.

Futurelina - Oorutaichi by Okimi Records



At 12:00 PM, Blogger hex conduction hour said...

oorutaichi's my favorite new musician of the past ~5 years to be sure. can't wait for the new album in november. great writeup!

At 8:24 PM, Blogger Under The Root said...

Yes! Lovely and your journal here is spectacular! Thank you for sharing your time and sounds.

At 11:55 AM, Blogger Los sueños vuelan said...

Barcelona, Spain. 19:00 p.m.

llueve y tu musica me parece caótica y especial. Tu blog sencillo y colorido.



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