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i admit it, i have a local band crush on love like deloreans. i'm kinda scared about the honeymoon phase ending, but we'll just fly for now. for a brooklyn band, LLD is a refreshing diversion from the scene, sporting a 3 person synth/keyboard onslaught rather then the neo-no wave, tribal avant psyche attack i'm used to for brooklyn [which i love too, no haters]. their music is a keyboard synth dream. instrumental and uplifting, i find myself strangely happy after every set. their sound conjures the dreamy traveling vibes of krautrock, evoking comparisons to cluster and old kraftwerk. other songs take on a more direct synth pop vibe via gary numan's tubeway army, or peter's current closet admiration for 80's italian funk. [ watch video]

:: listen to how to get along with others [DEMO]

we sat down with lorna, derek, and peter to catch up with an alias pail / love like deloreans brunch. i sported english muffins and lorna made this unforgettable keesh. band history, escaping the neu music school, and derek's father's notable korg career were of topic:


[ap]: originally, you guys are from wisconsin right?

[lorna]: peter and i met in music school in milwaukee. we were score reading partners. he brought candy to class, so i'd sit next to him and we'd read stravinksy scores.

[ap]: so your backgrounds are in classical?

[lorna]: he's compositional, i'm piano performance. we were both into the neu, experimental music classical scene at the time.

[ap]: but you're kinda burnt out from that now...

[lorna]: definitely. i just felt there was a limiting aesthetic to it, i felt uncomfortable going to concerts and being careful about stripping the brochure away from my palm, fearing it would make any noise.

[peter]: it's more fun to drink be
er and yell loud and bump into people and sweat.

[ap]: a little too proper i guess. in your songs so far, i pick up the krautrock vibes, and yet it other's it's a little more synth pop derived, is there intention to choose one over the other or a direction?

[peter]: we're just having fun with it.

[lorna]: all our influences come in. peter has more of a funk background, i like the sugar poppiness, and he likes the drones. it all mixes up. minimalism is definitely a huge influence for all of us.

[derek]: i have a neu music background too. my dad was always involved in synths and electronic music. this now, makes a lot of sense for me.

derek's father's job was a designer at KORG USA. he's credited with writing a lot of the preset demos in old korg synthesizers.

[ap]: how did you meet derek?

[peter]: lorna got into banglewood, bang on a can, and steve reich was the mentor.

[lorna]: it's this intense training on neu music. we played a 6 hour marathon. i played steve reich pieces for steve reich. that's how i met cool new musicians then decided to move to nyc. there was a whitney birthday celebration for steve reich and that's how i met derek.

[ap]: are you specific about the kind of keyboards you like to use for LLD? any favoritism?

[derek]: i'm interested in any instrument, they all have their own quirks.

[peter]: we get to a point where we program one sound on one keyboard for one song, and yet we bring the one keyboad for the whole set.

[lorna]: peter's obsessed with mini-keys now.

[peter]: there's no fucking way i'm taking a fafisa to play in a club. it's retarded. we're tailoring it down.

[lorna]: the instrument that brought us together was my first keyboard, the casiotone 701.

: the band name? love like deloreans?

[lorna]: that's derek's genius.

[derek]: i like deloreans.

[ap]: hektor said he was researching john z. delorean, and said he was a real punk rocker in the automobile industry. the kinda outsider / genius character. since your song are instrumental, are they story line based? one of my favorites is 'how to get along with others,' what's the story behind it?

[lorna]: we were recording on a shoe box cassette tape recorder and ran out of cassettes. we pulled out my old tapes from high school. i had a cassette, from when i was skipping out on church. mom made a recording of the sermon and fed me the tape, "how to get along with others."

[peter]: if we'd pull out the original, you could turn up the other tracks and hear this sermon in the fuzz.

[lorna]:it's pretty funny. it's a very spacey sound, and i'm really into ufo's, so it takes a new meaning for us.

+ + +

we finished with other off topics, coffee, cigs, and mimosa's. filled our bellies on home cooking and lazied the rest of sunday away.


At 1:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sense the cosmic undertones here - very grooy!


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