performance:: julianna barwick

julianna barwick and twi the humble feather performed at the living room in lower east side. the sound guy was awesome, both julianna and twi experiencing some of the best sound during a performance ever. nice laid back environment, chairs and candles. perfect setting to absorb the sonics from both artist, who both demand a hush up and listen audience for their acts. twi performed their work from the album music for spaceships and forests, which is being mastered right now and shall be out shortly.

julianna plays at soundfix records this friday the 30th.

this is the first time to hear julianna's live work since june. she's mastered her gear, her loops are more emotionally compelling, and the venues keep getting better. a great spiritual music experience. she added one new song at the end, something she came up with the night before.

listen to julianna barwick's set

:: first song
:: second song
:: three song
:: four song
:: five song
:: six song

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