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maybe the single most important musical performance i've ever witnessed? i'm not sure. feel completely whole, like a musical catharsis. the legendary boredoms assembled a gang of 77 drummers, converging in brooklyn bridge park. it was like getting struck by lightning and surviving. the first pounds of the drummers were like hammers in the heart. the beats spiraled outside to each drummer. then they converged on grooves and filled in their transitions [ watch video].

waiting in line under the city sun was pretty testing, but i was prepared with sunscreen and umbrella. it was the longest, largest line i've ever seen. i was shocked how many of my friends flaked on coming. was this not the most important experimental / avant garde whatever ya wanna call it event? warning, you may get teased...

i was thrilled to squat near brian chippendale of lightning bolt. other drummers i
was thrilled to see were mathias schultz of holy fuck, enon and andrew w.k. you could see the looks on the drummers' faces. they were witnessing it for the first time too. lots of grins, smiles, and smirks. the crowd was eventually worked into a trance, and everyone who didn't know how to move or dance to this new music, just danced. it was an endearing moment. we all caught the bug. our heads were smacked with sound; thank you boredoms!

:: listen to excerpt
:: listen to excerpt

the thunderous unity of 77 drummers in a spiral can't really be well captured or shared. it was a rare experience that can only translate in person. a memory i never want to forget! tons of media [flickr] and posts are popping up, like here and here.



At 10:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah man, between seeing this show and then seeing Sicko the next day, my whole worldview has been knocked for a loop.

At 9:52 AM, Anonymous BillW said...

I'm glad you're one of the IMPORTANt people who got in. 3 hours on line, what bullshit.

At 12:22 PM, Blogger alias pail said...

the emails from vice warned that the response was huge, and that people should be prepared to wait or get rejected. i tried to prepare the best i could.


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