performance :: julianna barwick

julianna performed in greenpoint, brooklyn last night to a crowd of close friends at cafe grumpy for the promotion of her new album sanguine. she performs again in a couple weeks at pete's candy store. the greenpoint location just opened up a big backroom area. whether it will shape into being a performance room or not is unclear right now. her sets usually consist of whatever wandering melodies she's played with during that week and a couple familiars from the album. crossing fingers for 'dancing with friends' live, but it hasn't happened yet. working off loop tracks and building vocal live loops, the set was whispery and slumbery. no bad dreams tonight.

:: listen to first song
:: listen to second song
:: listen to third song
:: listen to green days
:: listen to fifth song
:: listen to sixth song
:: listen to seventh song

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At 7:16 PM, Blogger Daniel Barros said...

Hi there!

Just to report a simple mistake, in the link for the seventh song, it's directed to cafeg071.mp3 when it's supposed to be cafeg07.mp3

In the meanwhile, It's my turn to cross fingers for hearing "dancing with friends" live in Portugal.



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