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preparing for the bent festival was so much fun. cramming rehearsals and bending instruments to have a repertoire of bent gear was exhausting and inspiring. sadly though, i missed most of the workshops. we were the last band to play on the final night of the nyc leg of the coast to coast festival. the other acts that performed were so fun to watch. my favorite was probably the loud objects. for the bent festival we've prepped a cd-r of songs all derived from bent instruments called, "toys we made." we've also invited some of our musical friends to collaborate with us. the final product is a 13 track album all focused on bent instruments. appearances by twi the humble feather, julianna barwick, simon grimm, and dion dhrati.

:: listen to toys we made
:: listen to cubes

our performance was so much fun too. it was the best venue we've played at thus far and had a great supportive audience. videos are slowly getting uploaded. npr also did a little featurette on the nyc festival.

alias pail
toys we made
$8.00 (free postage in usa)



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