preparation :: bent festival 2007

completed stage one of a circuit bend for my tiny casio VL-5. i haven't found any bends online for this model, so i was left on my own to come up with something. soldering to the tiny motherboard contact points with a radio shack iron is extremely difficult, but i managed through persistance. the cool thing about this bend, is i was able to stay all 007 about it. the contact points are tiny socket pins glued through the speaker holes. the case is really tight and small, so i eased off going crazy with contact points, and just interfaced the ones i liked the most.

the coolest effect i could get was this random arpeggriator sound that is delicately triggered by changing the reistance between three points. you can get these really great philip glass type sounds from it. there's still alot more to do, but for now, it'll stay in this phase. the fun part was making an interface console from an altoids box. i was inspired by the multiple projects involving altoid boxes at makezine.com. however cutting in to metal boxes is difficult. we've been busy rehearsing and recording a cd-r for the bent festival. alias pail is performing in the evening of the last night of bent festival on the 28th of april.

:: casio VL-5 alias pail bend::



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