preparation :: bent festival 2007

alias pail is thrilled to announce that our proposal to perform at this year's bent festival in nyc has been accepted. we are cramming hard to prepare a cd-r of bent instrument based songs to celebrate our performance at this year's bent festival, which will be held april 26th to 28th at eyebeam. expect an alias pail set unlike our previous recordings, as we dig into more experimental and abrasive sounds all focused around the concept of circuit bending. the main weapons for the first cram night (until 4am) were: a bent melody maker, 1-bit groove box, bent trendmaster concierge, tablebeast bent sk-1 casio, and a bent vl-5 casio. i went to the bent festival last year for the first time and it completely changed me; or maybe just opened me up. you can review last year's posts here. i highly recommend to anyone to check out this years bent festival. it's the best curiosity shoppe event of the year.



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