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saturday morning i met sam and rachel in soho to see michel gondry's exhibit at deitch projects in soho. it was a showcase of the props for his latest movie, science of sleep. many of the props and set were visual/audio interactive, adding a playfulness to the exhibit. i've never seen props for a movie before the movie; it'll be interesting to watch. it feels like michel's work is the last standing outlet for imaginative, dreamlike directing. i fell off the tim burton train long time ago, and i wish jean-pierre jeunet would go back to creating those dark and eerie storylines as in his early works. with the gleam of computer fx, i miss stop still animation and prop effects to create other worlds. michel seems to be the only guy that enjoys mixing all media together.

michel's childhood nightmare fears surface again in his works, one of the props is a man with oversized hands. the coolest piece was a piano which played film of a person playing a note for every note you hit. if you pressed more then one key, the video would splice and show two people playing the two notes. pure genius. i wonder what software he's using for that. i left the exhibit feeling like i just woke up from a vivid dream.[ watch video]

you can see rachel's flicker photos here.


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