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the net is vast and infinite. send an email here, post a comment there, and eventually over time you'll get acquaintanced to similiar interest musicians. there is a struggle too: create an internet music persona and myspace, but lack the physicality of playing a show. secret musician mode is so frustrating and it's a personal battle to get a gang together tight enough to play live. i'm working on it. gonna play live soon.

that being said, probably the coolest internet coincidence came about by a domino records bulletin response i received from steve dacosta. he heard some of my stuff and wanted to collaborate on a project he titled toy piano fanfare. steve is a member of the dorset outfit, plinth, who are loosely associated to the geographic records gang.

plinth was featured on the geographic compilation you don't need darkness to do what you think is right and have received a reviews in magazines such as the wire. mike tanner of plinth also runs a mini label, the dorset paeans, distributing underground efforts from dorset.

steve and i collaborated via internet, chat, downloads, and phone conversation to spit out an ep called 3 little stones ep. this weekend i am finally going to england to meet steve and checkout dorset. for me it was an experience to work on more atmospheric non structured songs. of course i squeezed in my pop sense, but for the most part i think the songs sound great in the early morning waking up, or just as you go to bed.

i can't wait to get to dorset and chill, drink, watch world cup, and hopefully make some music: in person for the first time with steve!


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