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trekking though all internet fansites, no resource has been more rewarding and active to me as the collected animals forum, run by re:rz. i've been active on it for about a year or so, and have been exposed to so many rare recordings and interesting (and sometimes off-beat) discussions about animal collective. one of the most magical things to come out of this forum is a mix cd of original music by many of the members. it started as an idea by flowerwolfdaddy, and the thread quickly grew with many contributors. the songs range from indie pop to experimental, it's completely amazing how talented random internet strangers are. give your humming screen a digital pat on the back.

after its release, the thread continued a very insightful review of most of the tracks in which forum members passed on opinions and advice. another magical random moment in the coincidences of internet surfers. it's going for $5 at flowerwolfdaddy's diy mini label,

ill06-2 collected animals compilation
1. sheepdog :: 9 axes
2. oh static (simonnewcomb)
:: no oh
3. aliaspail
:: kathryn/arata na yami
4. flowerwolfdaddy feat. boxcar ben snyder
:: nowhere
5. otherwise_eclectic
:: untitled
6. julia- (sonmi)
:: here is
7. d.sound- untitled 8. ogerrob
:: tubes
9. zoombiniss
:: well I ate a ribbon an hour and 7 minutes ago so let me see
10. slang_king
:: (mac kids) the defenestration of prague
11. langdon
:: (ruddiger)- thirty-three
12. sneeks I
:: gold lagoon
13. pngu
:: a whale is angry


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