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last night, fighting jet lag from europe i checked out the final show of the blizzards / good anna tour at goodbye blue monday in bushwick. anthony, hektor, and adam have been touring for the last two weeks up and down the east coast with u.k. band, good anna. good anna's set was amazing, an experimental noise set composed of drums and guitar. the most fascinating aspect was watching the drummer wail away with great velocity and his creative alteration of drum sounds. [ watch video]

next the blizzards took stage and this was probably the best live showcase of twi and liek on stage. the music jumped from guitar and fx vocals with atmospheres and noise coming from twi's machines and liek's infamous blue suitcase. adam's drums drove and carried each song, and his work with the noise and electronics was fab. the songs varied from experimental to accessible avant gard and jam out, each of its own form. the blizzards may play an impromptu show with japanther tomorrow, but that's not confirmed. [ watch video]

the usual suspects we all there to support the blizzards, and for as deathly hot as was monday, blue monday stayed pretty cool with fans at every corner, and sangrias to ease the sweat factor.


At 12:30 AM, Anonymous Andy said...

I was also at this show (weird coincidence that I happen to be floating around your blog) and agree that Good Anna was a suprisingly refreshing combo of percussion and guitar.

Blizzards, while enjoyable, couldn't shake the air of being a derivative guitar-driven "post rock" band with some affected Animal Collective vocal approach. But despite my critical pinning, I definitely enjoyed their set. (Note, it was the first time I'd seen them live or heard any of their material.)


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