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not planned, but by luck, alias pail has a second music video in production. my old old pal tobimayo from tokyo is in nyc taking film courses, and is going to make a music video for kathryn. according to her, she's going to create a mini set, film it, then film live action in greenscreen, place the people in the mini set, and have animation on top. woo hoo. sounds like fun! (and lots of work) tobimayo has always been in film, i think her father works at a tv station in tokyo. she's been doing little film and animation videos since college. some of her old old work is on youtube here. but i haven't seen any recent work for the last couple of years. she currently does high end macromedia flash design for companies here and here. i'm sure her skill has grown and i can't wait to see the results.

flickr photos of music video production

the dollboy music video is still in post production. filming is complete and now we're working on the animation and fx portions. animations take sooo long. hopefully this will wrap up by the end of this year. that's what chia promised me :)


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