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on saturday night i headed to the bushwick art project festival held at 3rd ward, an all day and night mix match of electronic music and new media art. coming to the festival i was thrilled to see some of my friend's art and music: chia was doing video for helios's performance [ watch video] , sawako was set to play, and also a live / electronic set from combo loring and pandatone. sadly, after helio's set things started to fall apart. sawako's plane was delayed and she never made it to bapfest. i was excited to finally see bubblyfish though, bouncing around on her gameboy compositions.

:: listen to bubblyfish live at BAP

after her, bapfest basically just turned into a rave. this caused huge problems for pandatone / loring because the music was so loud from the other rooms, it was feedbacking the mics in their performance space.
what's the point of having a multiroom music fest when one room takes over all the others with its sound? loring never performed that night, and pandatone switched to a laptop set, playing two hours after his set spot.

bapfest had some amazing new media installations downstairs. one of my fav's was this robot wall sketching machine.[ watch video] most of the pieces were interactive. but the magic of all the digital candy faded fast due to the sloppy management of the venue. bapfest was basically sweatfest and the poorly maintained restrooms on the third floor were absolutely horrendous. cramming a couple thousand kids into a 3 floor warehouse without air conditioning in the middle of a new york summer is just trashy. what's wrong with setting up this kinda festival in the fall? the festival just became a heat tolerance tester. sadly most of audience that came to see loring's performance baked long enough and went home. i left too, pretty disappointed. when i left, i thought of the festival less of a "festival of ideas"; it was just another sweaty rave.

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