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last weekend's mccarren park pool party was a blast. the weather was perfect for an outdoor festival; sun and breeze. this time brought a blanket, towel, flask; all the goodies i needed for another relaxing sunday afternoon of indie music. sandro and i got in on some major dodgeball this time, so much that my back muscles are still sore two days after. the first game i regretfully smacked a guy in the face with a ball. luckily hipsters are a peaceful species, like whale sharks. that's cool. there was this strange trend of indie boys who were completely comfortable with riding the slip and slide in their jockeys. pudgy white asses saying hello through their white undies. that was not cool.

in this weekend's line up were harlem shakes, apollo sunshine, beruit, and deerhoof. the nice surprise was ?uestlove from the roots dj'ing in between the sets and for warm up. i didn't catch much of the harlem shakes, too preoccupied trying to make impressive plays in dodgeball. apollo sunshine jam out music was perfect for an outdoor festival. they did a better job entertaining the crowd with banter then the cricket in the audience response the harlem shakes incurred.

i was really impressed by beruit on stage. his voice and the brass sections holding as much credit as the cd. the sound was really full and worked great on stage. it's hard to pinpoint, something like gypsy indie rock with quick comparisons to jens lekman, but soon after beruit established their own.[ watch video]

this was the first time seeing deerhoof minus chris cohen. they still rocked hard, all attention on the drummer. i guess i wasn't gonna hear chris's breathy voice push out "you can see," one of my fav deerhoof vocal melodies. i was always a big fan of the seeing the guitarists play in this band too, because some of the back and forth play was awesome. satomi filled the space with her dance routine singalong hops. but i was on the fence of whether it was a distraction for me from missing chris's absence or playful entertainment; was i happy or sad? i dunno. all i know is i couldn't get "spy on you" out of my head. deerhoof ran through their set playing many notable tunes from their albums. [ watch first video][ watch 2nd video]

3, 2, 1,.... dodgeball!


At 1:12 AM, Blogger Ginrod Isus said...

oh bro bro, keep up the good work!

At 1:19 AM, Anonymous stayss said...

i saw deerhoof at the lips show here a few weeks ago. it was definately less magical for me, and the venue wasn't helping... still love em though and i'm optimistic about new post-chris stuff.


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