cd release :: collected animals vol.2

the collected animals forum, run by re:rz, has released a second cd to follow up the original popular musical compilation cd from active forum members. the second volume is an amazing compilation of experimental, noise, and indie rock music. another song by alias pail (co written by steve dacosta) appears on the comp.

:: listen to sonmi
:: listen to greenlandic blaque
:: listen to aimes francis

stronger songwriting and soundscapes from all the contributing members. there are some amazing gems on this compilation that transcend the influence of animal collective and establish the forum as a creditable meeting place for people passionate about listening and making music. it's going for $5 at flowerwolfdaddy's diy mini label, sterling roads records

srr06-1 collected animals volume II

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At 4:53 PM, Blogger dan said...

yes collective animals!

best board ever


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