performance :: panda bear at bowery ballroom

a wonderful night of music at bowery ballroom for the animal family. what was fun about the panda bear show is that all the performers are friends, and you could feel the comfort level, almost as if they were playing for each other. the connections and lineage parallel to a gabriel marquez index page, i won't decipher them. scott mou's solo project, queens, (photos by ef) opened the set. it was a nice surprise, not officially on the bill, i guess he was rehearsing for this saturday performance. looped and delayed guitars, reverb falsetto's and field recordings accompanied with video was his schtick.

:: listen to part one
:: listen to part two

kria brekken came on next, playing all piano based songs accompanied with sampler and tapes. working off two mics with one fx'd, she brought a new awareness of her piano playing skills. she's got mad skills. i haven't enjoyed a piano based set in a long time. i've never seen her perform without avey and it was a nice showcase to her songwriter powers.

:: listen to part one
:: listen to part two
:: listen to part three

i was really eager to see rusty santos perform again. i've only seen him once, as a two piece, open for ariel pink about over a year ago. he stole the show for me. his songs were refreshing after two performances of mid tempo relaxed songs. his energy is boyish, tantrum induced, and spastic. a great spectacle to enjoy live. i wish he'd play out more (or maybe i just never know). i loved his use of sampler fx vocals and thumping drums. there are aspects of his music similar to animal collective, but it makes sense, he's in family animal. yet he brings his own stylistic excitement on stage with noise, pop-antics, and just straight out rock n roll. it was fun watching the drummer play drums on his knees. i have rusty's first cd and picked up 'eternity spans' at the show. eager to dig into it.

:: listen to rusty santos

panda bear (photo by pf) played a full hour set calmly triggering his two samplers and singing. videos and photos are popping up fast. a delicately simple performance, overall a very spiritual experience. his voice is addictive. i always end up liking the new album more then i think i would. he performed a couple of new songs. a nice surprise was his rendition of chores, which i've only heard performed by animal collective as a group.

:: listen to take pills / untitled / take pills
:: listen to take pills
:: listen to take pills [end]
:: listen to carrots/laughed for a world filled with fantasy
:: listen to carrots/comfy in nautica / berserker
:: listen to bros
:: listen to daily routine
:: listen to number one
:: listen to carrots [end]
:: listen to chores [slow version]



At 9:47 PM, Anonymous wiilium said...

Thankks so much for the Panda tracks, thought you might like some idea of a setlist.. This is pretty roughly done, just by me listening for the first time.

01. Take Pills/Untitled/Take Pills
02. Take Pills
03. Take Pills [End]
04. Carrots/Laughed For A World Filled With Fantasy
05. Carrots/Comfy In Nautica
06. Bros
07. Daily Routine
08. #1
09. Carrots [End]
10. Chores

Thanks for providing these songs!

At 8:31 AM, Blogger alias pail said...

thank you wiilium

At 5:19 PM, Blogger Brian said...

Thanks Mr Pail! Are you playing a show next week with twi and hf?

At 6:53 PM, Blogger puppies said...

track 5 is Carrots/Comfy in Nautica/Berserker


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