performance :: true primes at pete's candy store

rolyn and che of true primes played at pete's candy store in brooklyn to a packed house of long time fans and pals, myself included. a nice hyper set with fx'd beat oriented loops, more familiar of their older material a couple years ago. royln calls it their hip hop set [ watch video]. the fun about true primes is you just don't know what you're gonna get until you start taking notes on che's set up as he's hooking his tape machine and toys up. a regular curiousity shoppe for gear geeks.

royln does the robot! sensual style and teasing stage presence: you always get the feeling that true primes have been pals longer then any hometown friend you still play phone tag with. the comfort level and banter with audience is very household. their new album 'we have won' is out on locust music.

:: listen to first song
:: listen to second song
:: listen to third song
:: listen to fourth song



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