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geoff o'connor is soft spoken. i have to lean in and cup my ears when he comments. maybe it's to protect his speaking voice from his singing voice. upon hearing him live, his delicate voice grew on me immediately. his first solo release from his mainstay crayon fields outfit, 'liquorice night' has been steadily growing in my playlist under repeat. his compositions inherit the nostalgia and carefree pop of the 60's. not just sonically, but you can really feel like you're taking a trip back in time. avant garde artist always pull from the past, and from the pop side, there is probably no overly reverenced pop album then pet sounds. panda bear's newest release and critical acclaim comes with alarmingly shocking similarities to a beach boys vocal attack and charm.

:: listen to kill the lights

geoff's approach and reference is more crafted and intentional. many of the beats have that grandma church organ sound. lyrically, the songs also draw from the innocent themes of courtship and romantic admittance in many 60's pop songs. in some parts the lyrics are almost too vulnerable and fumbling, but they come out strong in pieces like 'liquorice night' geoff whispering in pauses, "i miss our perfect harmless lives..." you can help but feel like you are enjoying music your parents listened to.

:: listen to liquorice night

tender and soft, a trip through nostalgia, a refreshing blast of innocent pop. anxiety building. highly enjoyable and recommended. geoff o'connor is sly hats.



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