circuit bent little tikes megaphone

the little tikes megaphone is an amazing out of market jewel. even without the bends, it's pretty fascinating, having high pitch and low pitch voice alterations. my reference for this bend came from casper electronics founder and guru bender, pete edwards. he's provided a partially complete schematic for his circuit bends.

the most fascinating feature, and i don't know how pete came about discovering it, is that the circuit board has a robot voice mode. it must of been part of the original design, but once they went to production, decided to scrap the robot voice. too scary for children? too bad for them, amazing for us! this is by far the most amazing feature. all you need to do is add an audio out, and then you have a totally useful instrument for recording and live performance. what's even better is that there is already a volume control on the device, so you don't have to worry about high output signals from your quick audio interface.

the megaphone is built like a tank. the hardest item i've ever tried to disassemble. i recommend great great patiences and the right tools. putting it back together was a miracle too. there is plenty of room inside the chamber for extra circuitry, so that's good. in a crunch for time, so i didn't figure out how to patch the fx into the processor as pete edwards suggests. another time...



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