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boris [photo cred: teamsteam] rocked out last night at the music hall of williamsburg. balls out rock. i don't know how else to blog it out with intellect and indie edge. i'm falling in love with this venue more and more. its floor plan almost identical to bowery ballroom. the space is extremely comfortable, allowing everyone a great view. the crowd was crazy for boris, they bring back a feeling of rock that has been forgotten. seeing michio kurihara on stage with them was perfect. one of the best moments for me was when they played 'rainbow'. michio kurihara's fuzz guitar solo cutting in after whispery vocals from wata.

:: listen to rainbow

my favorite critique of boris is that they "are only living band who have mastered the art of out-sabbathing black sabbath."
after the concert, i'd have to say this is much true. they brought the crowd into a frenzy. they brought a gong. their heavy sludge metal songs are so anthem-like. withdrawn from the audience, they keep to their music on stage. a great night complete with drummer stage dive! soooo much fun. they played many of their best songs from rainbow and pink. I highly recommend picking up either. my ears are still ringing and my neck sore from head banging.

damon & naomi of galaxie 500 fame didn't receive much attention from the boris-hungry audience. at times, the audience was louder with banter. their music was too down tempo to survive the crowd's anxiety for boris. damon's historical, cultural lectures on japan for song intros were eye-rolling; then topped with overly dramatic guitar strumming.



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