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p-a-j-a-m-a in the usa [and canada]
lullatone has been touring across the usa and canada, promoting their new album, plays pajama pop pour vous, and spreading sleepy time electronic tunes and pajama pop. they make their final usa appearance in brooklyn this saturday [august 25th] at glasslands gallery before returning to japan. it's gonna be a crazy fun night of electronics, plus many of the bands playing were featured performances on the final night at this year's new york city circuit bending festival.

:: listen to wake up wake up

on their way to philly sean [s] and yoshimi [y] made time to conduct a little mini interview, like an alias pail pop quiz for lullatone:
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1. sugar or honey?
[y]: honey that comes from a bear shaped container!
[s]: me too!

2. what's the best food/restaurant you've enjoyed on your tour?
[s]: mission burritos in san francisco!
[y]: me too!

3. which creature in our animal kingdom do you think would enjoy your music the most?
[y]: i don't know, but i know my puppy likes xylophone.
[s]: dinosaurs!

4. are you happy or sad if people fall asleep to your albums while listening and before finishing them?
[y]: happy.
[s]: we both fell asleep a million times making it.

5. was there a specific reason you couldn't hit the midwest during this tour?
[y]: i didn't know how big america is.
[s]: yeah, we didn't have any time this time. but I really want to go there soon!

6. crayons or markers?
[y]: crayons.
[s]: everything.

7. you've been involving the audience with pretuned recorders. which show had the best musically inclined recorder blowers?
[s]:there was a little boy in burlington [maybe around 5 years old?] who showed up in his pjs and totally re-invented the way the pre-tuned recorder had been played up to that point!

8. has anything broken on the tour?
[s and y]: nope.

9. silver or gold?
[y]: neither
[s]: gold watches and platinum teeth

10. do you write the basic melodies for songs by playing with midi loops in the computer, or organically, by just playing naturally on an sk-1, then moving to the computer for details?

[s]: i guess we start each song a different way. like some with xylophones, some with a harp, or some with some handclaps.
[y]: i just hum in the bathtub.

11. milk, half and half, or soy?

[y]: milk
[s]: i love milk!
+ + +

you can view a detailed flyer of the show here or watch a cute commercial for their tour here.

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