video release :: dollboy

alias pail's first music video is officially out for viewing. directed by jim turner and camy lee, the video is for "dollboy," an unabashful, joyful twee alias pail rendition of my pal foot foot's original. warning! total tweeness. as twee as alias pail will ever be, i promise. "dollboy" is on the upcoming split cd release by alias pail and my pal foot foot, called "my pail split split."

of course i want to thank camy and jim's hard hard work. making this video was harder then i ever thought, and i'm happy it's finally completed and ready to share. of course thanks to my friends who showed up to be my imaginary band: julianna, andrew, and anthony. [at the time i had no real members]

:: watch video ::

if you view the youtube version, and like it, rate it!

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