minimalist casio sk-1 switches for circuit bend

in an effort to keep the traditional tablebeast circuit bend as minimal as possible, i created these removable switches. most togglers or switches break over time, and i don't want to constantly take apart the sk-1 and solder on new ones.

also, a big part of working the sk-1 bends is being able to easily turn on and off an effect, or put on a staccato on/off bend. rca interface is too bulky, and most switches can't handle that kind of wear and tear. these tiny push button switches are perfect. by luck, they also have a metal protrusion that i can use to "clamp" the switch down into the grill speaker section of the casio sk-1. to replace the rca interface for the circuit bends, i basically ripped sockets out of a dip package and glued them in. with this approach, i don't have to remove the speaker for room. it was a cleaner more subtle approach for the bend. this way the casio sk-1 can look like a circuit bent instrument only when it wants to.


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