performance :: nine inch nails at bowery ballroom

the very first concert i ever went to was the self destruct tour in '94. nin played in tulsa, oklahoma and marilyn manson opened. what can i say? i was in high school, full of teenage angst, and battling identity issues and conformity in the midwest. i remember blasting 'broken' in my room when i got home from school, and it just felt so good to use that music as a release for those feelings of alienation. some of the first guitar pieces i learned were nine inch nails guitar solos: i 'm pretty sure i can still play the solos in 'last' or 'the ruiner.'

the downward spiral is still a masterpiece to me, even in my current music interests and endeavors. nine inch nails will definitely be a big influence in my solo project, alias pail, as i am underway recording the LP. for twi the humble feather, i derive inspiration from their live performance and on stage synchronicity.

i just d
on't know anyone out there who writes lyrically and sonically as well as trent does when it comes to expressing anger, frustration, sexual aggression, alienation, social criticism, etc. using strong lyrics just don't seem part of the scene anymore. people call it emo now? not sure. it's all about sonic layering and atmosphere. i've never stopped being a huge nine inch nails fan; even if i am alone in this brooklyn world of avant garde, prog, tribal, experimental undergroundess.

i was lucky enough to have tickets to see
nine inch nails perform to a crowd of 550 at bowery ballroom. the rarest event; perhaps my single most amazing live experience. the only debate would be boadrum 77. but boadrum 77 was more a spiritual trance experience, where nine inch nails was total fandom and celebration. the crowd of fans was amazing. hearing them chant along with trent and the gang was amazing. the drummer, rubin, was so tight and nonchalant, and of course, robin on guitar is such a pleasure to watch. to me, he embodies what i think a 'rock star' should be and look like. i want his haircut! ha. my friend and i were maybe only 5 feet away for the main stage most of the time. absorbing everything and point blank. trent gave 100% for 2.5 hours almost. a true gift to his fans. i'll have this concert in my mind for a very long time. i screamed my heart out to the lyrics i knew, and all the fans did too; eyes full of admiration and good vibes. thank you trent and nine inch nails. i was really happy to hear 'reptile' li ve. here's a taste of what i experienced:


At 10:41 AM, Anonymous Tom Lakin said...

I was also lucky enough to go the show at Bowery and to Terminal 5, on 8/26. The two shows can't compare, Terminal 5 was waaaay oversold and waaaay too hot. Show was good but the set list was very similar to Bowery. Bowery Ballroom on the other hand was simply amazing. The only concert I can think of that comes close to matching my enthusiasm was Tool at the Manhattan Center. A tremendous experience that I will never forget.

At 7:36 PM, Blogger Under The Root said...

magnificent! it has been a moment since i watched them perform live at the world theatre, chicago with david bowie...
your post with the small video gave me the goosies..
thank you.


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