performance :: the yard

the first day of fall! or at least it felt like it. soft yellow sunlight, cool cool breeze. it was a perfect day for an outdoor music festival. high places set up off stage by the trees with their self contained pa [wise]. their set is easily manageable for both while conveying their sound to the audience. great sampled beats, part of it reminds me of solex. these are powers had to learn the hard way about sound man neglegance and problems during their set, riddled with mic cuts in and out. they still gave their best considering the sound mishaps. they've since picked up a new drummer, who was playing a nice mix of live and midi sounds. he also had the most elaborate spy case of pedals i've seen in a while. cheers to them keeping their cool, seemingly. it was my first time to see them live. i'm eager to see them again, without the sound gremlin curse. best fwends brought out the hyper crowd, everyone hopping to their comedy punchlines and electro junky pop.