radio play :: alias pail

"yo sis!" by alias pail will be part of the tuesday show at breakthru radio. too bad i haven't rewritten the chorus yet! dope! oh well. (susi write it now!) dj emily said it'll be playing all day tuesday 01/24/05. she's the afternoon drive dj and music director for wruf/ rock 104 in gainesville, fl.

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performance :: animal collective @ othermusic

way back in august 16th, 2004; panda bear, avey tare, and deaken played an acoustic performance at othermusic in nyc. the night before they rocked the bowery. the highlight for me was baby day, in which the audience joined the clapping, and then hearing panda bear's beautiful voice singing "learning how to dive." othermusic always hosts great in-store events. So far i've seen animal collective, sufjan stevens, and superwolf. raphael, was taping the show on his md, and after the show we swapped emails. later we met at a cup cake coffee shop in east village and he let me transfer the stuff to my md. i haven't seen him around in awhile, maybe i saw him once at the afrirampo show at tonic.

anyway, really nice guy. the othermusic show was definitely one of my fav ac shows. everyone in the crowd was so happy. all the fanboys (and girls) at the ac forum have really wanted this full set list. i apologize greatly for the delay. enjoy, feed your fanship. if anyone knows the titles of the untitled tracks, just let me know and i'll update.

photos by ellio.org

:: warmup song
:: happy singing band
:: untitled
:: lablakely dress
:: covered in frogs
:: on a plain

:: winter's love

:: baby day

:: learning how to dive


performance :: liek

last weekend was peanut butter jam packed with music. i had a great time watching sets and hanging out with friends, and being that annoying person with the digital camera. (stealing ideas too :) first was at tommy's tavern in greenpoint brooklyn last friday. the show was organized by colour sounds i think. padna, liek (hektor) played, and fragmented members of meditation hitz including adam kriney closed the set. liek's style ranged from electronic atmospheric sounds coming from his mixer suitcase with fx vocal overlays, to acoustic guitar psychedelic fragmented melodies. it was a great intimate performance, and my first to see liek live. alias pail is filling in as 3rd guitarist on an acoustic project with twi (as in twilight, pappy) and liek. i've been having so much fun playing with these guys. great friends and musicians. anthony and hektor put up with my hyperness and slander my alias pail poppiness. chop down my lalala tree, i don't care. as long as i get my tea with lemon, i'll keep this gig. i guess their hope is to start performing by early summer.

on sunday loring (julianna) played her first show at knitting factory. woohoo! mad props! she started out with her guitar based songs and fx delay vocals. a row of dedicated fans were tranced by the soothing voice, unaffected by radiating bar clamour. the highlight of the show was her ending piece in which she looped and overdubbed her voice into this huge orchestration, part choir boy, part beat box, part experimental pop, all loring. you could feel the crowd hone in on this song and move to the stage. suddenly i wasn't the only person taking pix. loring's strongest strength is her spontaneous creation of loops with vocal overlays. no one can compete to the angelic beauty of her voice and the whimsical nature of her melodies.

:: listen to liek
:: listen to loring
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alias pail pals :: loring

frequent, fellow alias pail contributor, julianna (a.k.a. loring), is also in a band called the snowjackets with scott bell. One of their songs with a quck bio is featured on this iPodCast from indie6 in toronto. congratulations julianna and scott!!!

:: listen to iPodCast

p.s. loring has a show this weekend at knitting factory